Hello, it’s me (…again)

Yep, another post. I didn’t like the taste of negativity that was left after I published my last post so here’s something lighter.

I have been waiting patiently for Pokemon Go and TBH it’s driving me mad! Actually, I was even considering hunting for a Game Boy Advanced SP or any other Game Boy model that can play the old cartridges. I have a Red Version that is sitting quietly in my desk drawing waiting for my return. It beckons…

You’d think that with all the comics that I’ve purchased from Comixology or the audiobooks from Audible that I’d have enough things to keep me occupied until Pokemon Go arrives. Well, I do have enough things to keep me occupied. The problem is, I just really gotta (Pokemon) Go and catch ’em all! (that was a really lame attempt at wit/humor and I apologize)

I recently bought a smaller powerbank (or what other people in the world call a “battery pack”) for days when I go to the mall and don’t need to lug around my 13,000mAh unit. It’s the size of a pack of Mentos gum (so handy!). But I’m pretty sure I’ll use my bigger one when I play Pokemon Go. HAHA.

The stock market’s been doing pretty good. I watched a documentary some time ago on YouTube about young rich kids (that actually earned their fortune as opposed to mooching off their parents) and one of them got rich by trading in the stock market. I don’t plan on trading full-time (since that a risk I’m not prepared for), but eventually when my profits are a good deal more than the amount I invested initially, I may play around a bit. Would becoming a full-time Pokemon trainer be possible if I got really good at trading stocks?? Hmmm… Important life question right there.

I feel like there are a lot of things I’ve forgotten to update you guys about. Like how I’ve ditched wearing jeans because OMG my waistline ballooned. My mom introduced me to the wonderful world of leggings/slacks (should they be called ‘sleggings’? ). They look like slacks, but they’re stretchy like leggings. I love them sooooo much. But they don’t really serve as motivators to get back into shape (my jeans motivated me to keep my belly in check by not being wearable after eating…).

Sometimes I’m tempted to use my YouTube channel to publish mini vlog entries, but then I remember that I don’t like showing my face and that I can’t go on random hiatuses like I can with this blog. HAH! Anyway, I think I’ve got the negativity out of my system now. Is Pokemon Go out where you live? Or are you waiting like I am? Leave a comment in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂


Summer Life

The weather’s been oppressively hot for quite some time now (around 30+ degrees OMG). And since we’re trying to cut down on expenses, we haven’t been turning on any of the ACs in the house. I’ve never been so thankful for hair I could tie. Until recently, my hair had been too short to tie decently. It’s still not as long as I’d like it to be, but it’s getting there.

I’ve been watching YouTube more. It started out with a search for traveling tips since I’d recently been bitten by the travel bug (I found Sonia’s Travels — Sonia even replied to one of my tweets!). Then I stumbled onto another channel about makeup which you wouldn’t think I’d be interested in since I don’t really wear makeup (Elaine Mokk is an adorable Canadian who I cannot stop watching).

I guess I’m evolving. Travel and makeup. I’m turning into a grown-up lady. LOL. Anyhooo~! I’ve been wanting to make a vlog about my mundane life but then I’d probably start to neglect that after a while. (Just like this blog >_<) So I guess I’ll just try to share here more often (even though uploading photos just to show you guys things is such a pain at times).

Onto my summer life. As I mentioned earlier, I’d recently been bitten by the travel bug (the last time was in 2010, I think). While on a trip with office friends, I learned quite a few things on that trip. Here they are!

1. Running out of power/not having a power supply is the dumps
2. There are seemingly simple things that make your trip so much better
3. Don’t be too fussy about appearances

I realized that not having an extra camera battery or powerbank was a major disadvantage especially since I like to take lots of photos. This prompted the purchase of a Yoobao YB-6016 Magic Wand 13,000mAh (for those of you in the Philippines, you can get one at Hip Hub PH). Since it is of such a high capacity, it will take ~9hrs to fully charge it. It was able to charge my BB Bold twice, and my iPad mini 1.5x (this was when I’d just received the powerbank so I’m not sure if it was fully charged). I have yet to test how many times it can charge my digicam. But seeing as an iPad requires a lot of juice, I think the digicam shouldn’t be a problem.

I also bought a scarf. Why on earth would I buy a scarf seeing as I live in a tropical country and I plan on traveling around it?? Well, it’s because on my recent trip I brought a shawl(?) with me (it was a gift from my friend who got it at Boracay) and it was infinitely useful! Seriously. I used it as shade (because I didn’t have an umbrella), a pillow, a jacket (it was cold in the van), a headband (my hair kept getting in my face at some point of the trip), a towel (coz oh goodness did I sweat!), and the list can go on and on. My point is, that piece of cloth was so versatile and I shouldn’t only have one of them. Which is also why I bought my very first Headware(got this). This is also versatile as it can be used much like a scarf/shawl (though on smaller scale).

Lastly, I bought a lot of Goody accessories (read: elastics). Honestly, if you’re going to a place that you know is going to be super hot, DO NOT let/keep your hair down. Honestly, it’s such an icky feeling to have sweaty hair stick to your neck. It’s okay not to look your best when you’re in a place that’s sweltering hot. No one expects you to look like you’ve just come out of the bathroom. You just want to look like you’re having fun. And it isn’t fun when you take a really long time in the bathroom prepping yourself.

Phew! I didn’t think I’d have so much to say. I guess I really should update here more often. I’ll tell you more about my evolution into a more feminine version of myself in later post. LOL. Ta for now!