Smartphone for Dummies

Up until recently, my mother’s been using a BlackBerry Curve. And for me, that doesn’t really constitute as a smartphone due to how limited the apps for it are (mind you, it isn’t even running BB10). Then when the Facebook API for BlackBerry was discontinued, it forced users to use the web browser version of Facebook on their BlackBerry devices. Needless to say, my mom started to complain about the UI and how difficult it was to use now. That’s when I decided to buy her a real smartphone.

So last Sunday, my brother and I went to the mall to look for a phone for her. Actually, I went to look for a phone and he accompanied me. I immediately went to the Sony stores since I was planning on getting her a phone that I knew how to use. I’d listed the various dual SIM models but the only one available (at both stores) was the Xperia M5.

While inquiring, I started feeling the a sweat mustache forming on my upper lip. It was so annoying! XD On the way back to the first store (since they had the better deal on the unit) I told my brother about it and he laughed an said that it runs in the family since he’s the same way.

I had such a hard time deciding whether to get her the gold unit or black one. We finally decided on the black one. I also bought a soft jelly case and tempered glass for the screen. My brother initially offered should half for the phone, but I told him to just buy a nice pouch for it.

After giving my mom a crash course, it seems that she’s comfortably able to do the basics. Smartphone for Novices up next!


I Spy With My Little Eye…

I’m currently wearing my new prescription glasses (I needed a strong prescription since my eyesight went back to what they were) and I’m getting a bit dizzy. I guess I should’ve had them under-prescribe me. To be honest, I really don’t like them.

They were an impulse buy during the company’s APE. Some optical shop partnered with our HMO provider so they were selling prescription glasses for 4.5k (a little less than US$100), which is just affordable enough to be covered by the optical reimbursement provided by our HMO. At the time I was thinking “Oh that’s convenient! I won’t have to go to a mall to get new glasses.” I should’ve gone to a mall.

First there’s the frames. It’s made of light plastic (which is a plus, TBH) but the size is smaller than what I wanted. The options that were brought to the office were limited and I was stupid to settle for those frames. Consumer Tip #2,489: When purchasing something you will use frequently, NEVER SETTLE. You will regret doing so.

Second is the lenses. Since the frames and lenses only cost me 4.5k, I wasn’t expecting much. My old pair’s lenses are Crizal (which are lightweight and scratch-resistant, as well as the usual things you’d expect from other decent lenses). I can clearly tell that my new glasses would be scuffed by the end of the year since I don’t really handle my glasses all that well.

Lastly, because they make me dizzy I doubt I will wear them while walking around. So I have accepted the fact that I wasted part of my optical reimbursement on glasses strictly for meetings (read: reading projected slideshows). Ugh.

I still have 10.5k but my mom wants to get new glasses since the ones she got last year don’t feel comfortable. And since we’re in kind of the same boat, I really want her to get new glasses. I can put up with my new one for meetings, and I don’t mind having a bit of a blurry movie experience with my old pair.

New Year, Old Me

I’m currently typing this from the office. It’s been almost a year since my last update. And here I thought I was gonna try and update more often. So much for that. I guess micro-blogging (that’s what Twitter falls under, right?) is more my speed.

But since I have a fair number of updates, expect me to post them in quick succession after this post. Woot.

All Hail Our Robot Overlords!

Two blog posts in one week! Amazing; I know.

Called in sick to work. Luckily I didn’t have any meetings scheduled for today so I didn’t miss out on anything muy importante. I stayed home and tried not to give myself an ulcer (as I normally do when I stay home on a workday). The day was spent watching YouTube videos of Grav3yardgirl. I love her to bits! ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s someone I find genuinely interesting and I would just love to be her friend. She’s adorable, I swear.

Speaking of adorable, I just noticed that I have a new-found adoration of Sonya (my Sony Xperia). I mean, I’m attached to my phone but not really. I mean, it’s been a couple of months since I bought her so I’ve had some time to personalize and “bond” with her. If something were to happen to her, I could always buy a new phone but it wouldn’t be the same. Ya know? I guess what I’m basically saying is that I’m sentimental/emotionally attached to her now. My uncle keeps joking to give him my phone when I get tired of her, to which I always reply, “that will never happen”.

I’ve been meaning to replace this laptop I’m using (Dell Inspiron 14) since it’s just so slow now. It’s processor is Pentium (if that’s any indicator of its age). But seeing as I only really ever use my personal laptop for file transfers (to my external hard drive), blogging, and photo uploads, I think I’ll just wait for a sale or my next bonus. Any referrals to a reliable laptop? No chance I’m buying a Mac since 1) it’s out of my price range, and 2) I cannot begin to describe the difficulty I face when using a new interface (read: iOS). Ugh, my age is showing. I cannot learn new technological things. W/c is terribly ironic seeing as I’m in IT. :v

That’s all for me today. ๐Ÿ™‚

Working on my backlog…before I turn back into a log.

Hello interwebz! We’re nearing the half-way mark for 2015 and I’ve barely updated this blog. Sorry about that, self. Things have been pretty hectic at work that when I go home I basically turn into a log. I just lie on the bed all day and grow moss.

My relatives from the states (Georgia, Virginia, and Hawaii to be exact) visited last month. My mom had a ton of stuff on the itinerary for them (and us. And us. -_-). So between work and their visit, I was pretty much pooped all the time. But it was really great having them around. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m actually supposed to be uploading pictures from their trip, but I forgot that I also have other albums in my backlog so I’m stalling by updating this. LOL.

The past month has been really expensive. I racked up quite a credit card bill. I have to assess which of those transactions were mine though. Some were for the family (so they don’t count). I have a gut feeling that Uniqlo is the prime suspect. XD I bought so many lounge bottoms (shorts, 3/4, pants) that my closet looks like a Uniqlo extension. LOL. It kinda sucks that a lot of the designs are limited edition and won’t be coming back. So hoard away I do!

That’s enough stalling for now. I’ll try to make better posts (read: not word vomit) in the succeeding weeks. Toodles! ๐Ÿ™‚

Organization Nation

I’ve recently been watching YouTube videos of planners (specifically, people’s planner setups). Then while I was organizing my desk for the nth time (this time the top of the desk), I stumbled onto my 2011 and 2012 planners. Now take note that during these years I was still with my previous company where we were not allowed to bring smartphones into the office; so I still used planners to keep my shit together. Fast forward to now where I only use my CBTL planner as a Gratitude Journal.

I really want to have and use a planner like the people I see on YouTube. They have all these pages with colorful flags and inks, and so many miscellaneous inserts that are just adorable! I’m really envious of people who can merge creativity with organization. All I had was basic organization during college. My planners were pretty plain, and I didn’t bother using color coding of any kind.

But where would I start? The only things I really need to keep track of are my meetings (w/c show up on my smartphone’s calendar since it’s synced to my office email), and my tasks (w/c are on my To Do list on Wunderlist — also on my smartphone).

The only non-digital tracking I have is my bill and premium payments, which I have plotted already on my desk calendar. *sigh* I don’t do enough things that I need a planner. I guess I should start doing more stuff.

First Entry for 2015

A bit overdue, I know. Things have been really busy. It’s been 25 days since we lost our beloved companion, Pooch. Things have returned to normal, more or less. There will always be those times where familiar scenes play out, but they aren’t quite right anymore. It’s usually in the silence that I remember him the most.

This was taken the night before he left us. He had it in him to smile. T^T

The year may not have started well, but life goes on. And we will always love Pooch and cherish all the memories we have of him. With his passing, I was taught to be kinder, and to make the most of each day we have with those we love.

And in an effort to keep from crying all the damn time, I recently cleaned out my room and organized all my shit. I guess the act of letting go of a lot of my stuff also help me let go of my grief. Needless to say, my room is more spacious now that the treadmill is gone (it sold pretty quickly). I only just realized how little stuff I actually have. My brother says that it looks like a transient is occupying the room. LOL.

I’m going to try and live simply from now on (read: stop buying stuff I don’t need). Having a tidy room with little to worry about is rather nice. Clean out your room, de-clutter your life.