Chicken or the Egg?

Statement A: I don’t go to malls in order to keep my spending in check.
Statement B: I spend like crazy in malls because I rarely go to them.

It is a vicious cycle. So I mentioned in my previous post that I went with the BFF to support her during her aquathlon. Since that was early morning, we had the rest of the day free. We decided to watch a movie (Captain America: Civil War) and go shopping (since she needed to buy a bag to use for her upcoming trip to Japan).

Needless to say, she bought just what she needed. No more, no less. I, on the other hand, wound up buying a JanSport tote bag (because it had a suede bottom and it was PURPLE), a backpack from Herschel (which is also where the BFF bought her backpack), and headphones (coz I needed to replace the one I use at the office for conference calls).

To be fair, the headphones were a necessity since my old ones were already deteriorating. And the backpack addresses my need for a bag that can serve as a “mom bag”.

What is a “mom bag”? Essentially, it’s any bag that you can carry all the necessities in. For me, besides money and my phone, necessities consist of:

  1. Water (c/o my Klean Kanteen)
  2. Moist towelettes
  3. Tissue
  4. Alcohol (in a small spritz bottle)
  5. Foldable umbrella
  6. Fan
  7. Med kit (paracetamol, antihistamine, plasters, etc)
  8. Girly kit (mirror, balm, creme, comb, floss, gum, mint, etc)
  9. Canvas tote bag (to put my purchases or other things in)

As you can tell, a tote bag is not ideal in bringing all these things coz it is hell to find things if they’re all in one compartment. Plus, it’s really bad for the spine to have that much weight on just one shoulder. Hence, the backpack.


I have no control. >_<


Smartphone for Dummies

Up until recently, my mother’s been using a BlackBerry Curve. And for me, that doesn’t really constitute as a smartphone due to how limited the apps for it are (mind you, it isn’t even running BB10). Then when the Facebook API for BlackBerry was discontinued, it forced users to use the web browser version of Facebook on their BlackBerry devices. Needless to say, my mom started to complain about the UI and how difficult it was to use now. That’s when I decided to buy her a real smartphone.

So last Sunday, my brother and I went to the mall to look for a phone for her. Actually, I went to look for a phone and he accompanied me. I immediately went to the Sony stores since I was planning on getting her a phone that I knew how to use. I’d listed the various dual SIM models but the only one available (at both stores) was the Xperia M5.

While inquiring, I started feeling the a sweat mustache forming on my upper lip. It was so annoying! XD On the way back to the first store (since they had the better deal on the unit) I told my brother about it and he laughed an said that it runs in the family since he’s the same way.

I had such a hard time deciding whether to get her the gold unit or black one. We finally decided on the black one. I also bought a soft jelly case and tempered glass for the screen. My brother initially offered should half for the phone, but I told him to just buy a nice pouch for it.

After giving my mom a crash course, it seems that she’s comfortably able to do the basics. Smartphone for Novices up next!

I Spy With My Little Eye…

I’m currently wearing my new prescription glasses (I needed a strong prescription since my eyesight went back to what they were) and I’m getting a bit dizzy. I guess I should’ve had them under-prescribe me. To be honest, I really don’t like them.

They were an impulse buy during the company’s APE. Some optical shop partnered with our HMO provider so they were selling prescription glasses for 4.5k (a little less than US$100), which is just affordable enough to be covered by the optical reimbursement provided by our HMO. At the time I was thinking “Oh that’s convenient! I won’t have to go to a mall to get new glasses.” I should’ve gone to a mall.

First there’s the frames. It’s made of light plastic (which is a plus, TBH) but the size is smaller than what I wanted. The options that were brought to the office were limited and I was stupid to settle for those frames. Consumer Tip #2,489: When purchasing something you will use frequently, NEVER SETTLE. You will regret doing so.

Second is the lenses. Since the frames and lenses only cost me 4.5k, I wasn’t expecting much. My old pair’s lenses are Crizal (which are lightweight and scratch-resistant, as well as the usual things you’d expect from other decent lenses). I can clearly tell that my new glasses would be scuffed by the end of the year since I don’t really handle my glasses all that well.

Lastly, because they make me dizzy I doubt I will wear them while walking around. So I have accepted the fact that I wasted part of my optical reimbursement on glasses strictly for meetings (read: reading projected slideshows). Ugh.

I still have 10.5k but my mom wants to get new glasses since the ones she got last year don’t feel comfortable. And since we’re in kind of the same boat, I really want her to get new glasses. I can put up with my new one for meetings, and I don’t mind having a bit of a blurry movie experience with my old pair.