Hello, it’s me (…again)

Yep, another post. I didn’t like the taste of negativity that was left after I published my last post so here’s something lighter.

I have been waiting patiently for Pokemon Go and TBH it’s driving me mad! Actually, I was even considering hunting for a Game Boy Advanced SP or any other Game Boy model that can play the old cartridges. I have a Red Version that is sitting quietly in my desk drawing waiting for my return. It beckons…

You’d think that with all the comics that I’ve purchased from Comixology or the audiobooks from Audible that I’d have enough things to keep me occupied until Pokemon Go arrives. Well, I do have enough things to keep me occupied. The problem is, I just really gotta (Pokemon) Go and catch ’em all! (that was a really lame attempt at wit/humor and I apologize)

I recently bought a smaller powerbank (or what other people in the world call a “battery pack”) for days when I go to the mall and don’t need to lug around my 13,000mAh unit. It’s the size of a pack of Mentos gum (so handy!). But I’m pretty sure I’ll use my bigger one when I play Pokemon Go. HAHA.

The stock market’s been doing pretty good. I watched a documentary some time ago on YouTube about young rich kids (that actually earned their fortune as opposed to mooching off their parents) and one of them got rich by trading in the stock market. I don’t plan on trading full-time (since that a risk I’m not prepared for), but eventually when my profits are a good deal more than the amount I invested initially, I may play around a bit. Would becoming a full-time Pokemon trainer be possible if I got really good at trading stocks?? Hmmm… Important life question right there.

I feel like there are a lot of things I’ve forgotten to update you guys about. Like how I’ve ditched wearing jeans because OMG my waistline ballooned. My mom introduced me to the wonderful world of leggings/slacks (should they be called ‘sleggings’? ). They look like slacks, but they’re stretchy like leggings. I love them sooooo much. But they don’t really serve as motivators to get back into shape (my jeans motivated me to keep my belly in check by not being wearable after eating…).

Sometimes I’m tempted to use my YouTube channel to publish mini vlog entries, but then I remember that I don’t like showing my face and that I can’t go on random hiatuses like I can with this blog. HAH! Anyway, I think I’ve got the negativity out of my system now. Is Pokemon Go out where you live? Or are you waiting like I am? Leave a comment in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you. ๐Ÿ™‚


If I were a teenage boy, you’d probably stuff me in a locker.

The last treatment I had on my hair was December last year (rebond and dye). Instead of dying my hair again, I’m letting the color grow out. Oh, and I got a digital perm over the weekend. This is the result.

After discovering Comixology via the Batman Facebook page, I kind of went crazy. Sale after sale kept me coming back and buying more. I’ve bought a total of 251 issues since discovering the site (this number doesn’t include the free ones I also got). And because they were on sale, I paid $0.99 each issue. You do the math. XD I replaced the DC Comics app on my iPad with the Comixology app so I could also read the Marvel comics I bought.

It’s my first time reading Guardians of the Galaxy and I really love them! It’s actually kinda kid-friendly. Their dynamic is just something you wouldn’t mind kids seeing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also I was also pleased to see that Artesia is available on the site! I added it to my wish list. I thought I’d never be able to continue the series after college.

I’m not looking forward to paying my credit card bills this December. I’ll just think of all my new comics as a gift to myself. Coz I need to spoil myself sometimes. XD Though I need to be more careful with my spending since I plan on taking out a loan soon. I need to practice self-control.

Of Adulthood and Geekery

I rarely follow Philippine politics (or politics in general) because the topic exasperates me. But recently I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground regarding the tax exemption on bonuses. The current law (which states that only the amount in excess of PhP30,000 will be taxed) doesn’t consider inflation. So what seemed like a hefty exemption in 1994, isn’t very much right now. But as the saying goes, “mas vale tarde que nunca“.

Now onto my geekery! I was browsing my Facebook timeline and saw that DC Comics was offering Batman: Earth One for free this week. I didn’t think that it would just be issue #1 that was free (though it should have been obvious). Anyway, I wound up downloading the DC Comics app on my iPad so I could read the issue. And by Hera! There was a Wonder Woman Sale! So I bought issues #1-6 of Superman/Wonder Woman, and Kingdom Come (per issue, not the collected edition). I spent $9.90 total. Not bad, but considering I can read all the issues in one sitting, not so terrific either. XD

I plan on buying Batman: Earth One after my card’s cutoff date. I may be a sucker for sales, but I certainly know how to budget.

There’s No Place Like Home x 3

I’m currently comparing my available options for housing loans because there are townhouses being built on the street where I live and I’m set on buying a unit. I plan on renting it out. Though I could always live there if I ever need to get away from my family (HA!). I guess the years of my goalless saving and investing were destined for this. I don’t plan on liquidating my investments since that’d be a waste.

I’ve noticed that I find so much joy being home, especially when I spend time with my family (as opposed to me locking myself in my room). Home is really my source of happiness and energy.

I really need it for the upcoming challenges at work. I’m scared to death of failing, but I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that failure is a fact of life and I can’t escape it. I just need to develop the fortitude to handle and overcome it. Failing is OK.

My impending burnout, and Audible’s Win-Win Sale

Work has been quite stressful lately. I have so many tasks/roles to juggle and it can get overwhelming. But then this is what college trained me for. The stakes are different now, but not much higher. There aren’t any holidays this month. I think that’s another reason for my stress build-up.

And because of that stress, my will power to keep from spending has been depleted. I bought a cake coz what the hell, and I bought audiobooks coz SALE! XD

Audible’s Win-Win Sale has 200+ titles for $4.95 each. I decided to look through the list of books on sale earlier today. I managed to limit my selection to 5 books. They are:

Emma by Jane Austen
Little Bee: A Novel by Chris Cleave
Peter & Max: A Fables Novel by Bill Willingham
The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie
The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

The cost of these books totals at $169.35 ($118.54 if you have an Audible membership). But because they were all at $4.95 each so I only paid $24.75 in total. I have a Platinum Membership (which allows me 2 credits) at $22.95/month. So you see, getting 5 books at a price that is only a little more than what I pay for my 2 monthly books is quite a steal if you think about it. Don’t get me wrong, I use my credits wisely too. I have numerous lectures and books in my wish list that cost over $30 each. I save every time. (Audible should sponsor me or something LOL)

I’m thinking about visiting a mall soon. But that can wait. I’ve got reading/listening to do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Piggy Banks

It’s been over a year since I last posted something here. I’m kinda really rusty. I hope this post doesn’t go in circles.

It’s that time of the year when expenses are high due to gift-giving and other holiday expenses. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who find it difficult to manage their finances, whether it be the holidays or just a regular day. I find it really tragic since a reason for this is that people are financially illiterate. That’s why I’m glad I was taught well (directly and by example) at a young age.

Yesterday I was in my parents’ room talking about money matters with my mom when she told me happily that she was able to buy 2 small piggy banks for only 35 pesos (that’s less than a dollar). I could help but laugh at her. I think it’s funny for a grown adult to still use piggy banks, but I really can’t diss it since I know that it’s effective.

Ma’s piggy banks (though one’s a bear, one’s a dragon, and one’s a snake. LOL.) Oh, and Ginger. XD

Different people have different approaches to saving. For those who have some difficulty budgeting, a lot of the books and articles I’ve read have advised the utilization of an envelope system. This involves x number of envelopes that you put money into when you receive your salary. One envelope is for your savings, another for food, another for spending, et cetera.

Another method to budget would be to set aside a certain percentage of your salary upon receiving it. The most common suggestion would be the 70-20-10 method of saving. Those numbers are the recommended percentages. 70% for expenses, 20% for savings, and 10% for tithes (or if you don’t believe in giving tithes, you can donate this or allot it somewhere else).

So you can either put aside a set amount, or set percentage of your salary. Either way, you should put the money away after receiving your salary. But here’s where my mom’s method comes in.

I’m not sure if all people receive allowances, but with my mom’s job (and my own), she does. So she sets those aside in order to invest them or to use for planned/unexpected expenses. She has a piggy bank where she puts her rice allowance, and the other piggy banks for other allowances. There’s even a piggy bank she puts extra money in (like when she has an extra 100 or so, she’ll put it in there).

If there’s a planned expense that she needs to save up for, she’ll start saving as early as January. She’ll pick one of the allowances to set aside for it. So let’s say she can set aside her rice allowance every month to use for Christmas shopping.

This sounds similar to the envelope method, but better. This way, she can’t easily access the money since the piggy banks she uses require her to break them open. Don’t buy piggy banks that are resealable. I handle my money differently. But that’s for another entry.

Go ahead, buy a piggy bank and try it for yourself! Happy saving!