Hello, it’s me (…again)

Yep, another post. I didn’t like the taste of negativity that was left after I published my last post so here’s something lighter.

I have been waiting patiently for Pokemon Go and TBH it’s driving me mad! Actually, I was even considering hunting for a Game Boy Advanced SP or any other Game Boy model that can play the old cartridges. I have a Red Version that is sitting quietly in my desk drawing waiting for my return. It beckons…

You’d think that with all the comics that I’ve purchased from Comixology or the audiobooks from Audible that I’d have enough things to keep me occupied until Pokemon Go arrives. Well, I do have enough things to keep me occupied. The problem is, I just really gotta (Pokemon) Go and catch ’em all! (that was a really lame attempt at wit/humor and I apologize)

I recently bought a smaller powerbank (or what other people in the world call a “battery pack”) for days when I go to the mall and don’t need to lug around my 13,000mAh unit. It’s the size of a pack of Mentos gum (so handy!). But I’m pretty sure I’ll use my bigger one when I play Pokemon Go. HAHA.

The stock market’s been doing pretty good. I watched a documentary some time ago on YouTube about young rich kids (that actually earned their fortune as opposed to mooching off their parents) and one of them got rich by trading in the stock market. I don’t plan on trading full-time (since that a risk I’m not prepared for), but eventually when my profits are a good deal more than the amount I invested initially, I may play around a bit. Would becoming a full-time Pokemon trainer be possible if I got really good at trading stocks?? Hmmm… Important life question right there.

I feel like there are a lot of things I’ve forgotten to update you guys about. Like how I’ve ditched wearing jeans because OMG my waistline ballooned. My mom introduced me to the wonderful world of leggings/slacks (should they be called ‘sleggings’? ). They look like slacks, but they’re stretchy like leggings. I love them sooooo much. But they don’t really serve as motivators to get back into shape (my jeans motivated me to keep my belly in check by not being wearable after eating…).

Sometimes I’m tempted to use my YouTube channel to publish mini vlog entries, but then I remember that I don’t like showing my face and that I can’t go on random hiatuses like I can with this blog. HAH! Anyway, I think I’ve got the negativity out of my system now. Is Pokemon Go out where you live? Or are you waiting like I am? Leave a comment in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you. ๐Ÿ™‚


Smartphone for Dummies

Up until recently, my mother’s been using a BlackBerry Curve. And for me, that doesn’t really constitute as a smartphone due to how limited the apps for it are (mind you, it isn’t even running BB10). Then when the Facebook API for BlackBerry was discontinued, it forced users to use the web browser version of Facebook on their BlackBerry devices. Needless to say, my mom started to complain about the UI and how difficult it was to use now. That’s when I decided to buy her a real smartphone.

So last Sunday, my brother and I went to the mall to look for a phone for her. Actually, I went to look for a phone and he accompanied me. I immediately went to the Sony stores since I was planning on getting her a phone that I knew how to use. I’d listed the various dual SIM models but the only one available (at both stores) was the Xperia M5.

While inquiring, I started feeling the a sweat mustache forming on my upper lip. It was so annoying! XD On the way back to the first store (since they had the better deal on the unit) I told my brother about it and he laughed an said that it runs in the family since he’s the same way.

I had such a hard time deciding whether to get her the gold unit or black one. We finally decided on the black one. I also bought a soft jelly case and tempered glass for the screen. My brother initially offered should half for the phone, but I told him to just buy a nice pouch for it.

After giving my mom a crash course, it seems that she’s comfortably able to do the basics. Smartphone for Novices up next!

All Hail Our Robot Overlords!

Two blog posts in one week! Amazing; I know.

Called in sick to work. Luckily I didn’t have any meetings scheduled for today so I didn’t miss out on anything muy importante. I stayed home and tried not to give myself an ulcer (as I normally do when I stay home on a workday). The day was spent watching YouTube videos of Grav3yardgirl. I love her to bits! ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s someone I find genuinely interesting and I would just love to be her friend. She’s adorable, I swear.

Speaking of adorable, I just noticed that I have a new-found adoration of Sonya (my Sony Xperia). I mean, I’m attached to my phone but not really. I mean, it’s been a couple of months since I bought her so I’ve had some time to personalize and “bond” with her. If something were to happen to her, I could always buy a new phone but it wouldn’t be the same. Ya know? I guess what I’m basically saying is that I’m sentimental/emotionally attached to her now. My uncle keeps joking to give him my phone when I get tired of her, to which I always reply, “that will never happen”.

I’ve been meaning to replace this laptop I’m using (Dell Inspiron 14) since it’s just so slow now. It’s processor is Pentium (if that’s any indicator of its age). But seeing as I only really ever use my personal laptop for file transfers (to my external hard drive), blogging, and photo uploads, I think I’ll just wait for a sale or my next bonus. Any referrals to a reliable laptop? No chance I’m buying a Mac since 1) it’s out of my price range, and 2) I cannot begin to describe the difficulty I face when using a new interface (read: iOS). Ugh, my age is showing. I cannot learn new technological things. W/c is terribly ironic seeing as I’m in IT. :v

That’s all for me today. ๐Ÿ™‚