From Fatness to Fitness

That’s right, I’m still alive! Hi! It’s been a while. Let’s catch up, shall we?

I weighed myself in the office gym during the first day of work. And I was horrified to see my weight! (172.7lbs or 78.5kg) I’d gone past 150lbs without realizing it. Just 2 years ago, I was at 145lbs and targeting my “running” weight of 135lbs. So seeing my current weight was like a major punch to the face.

I’ve always been a heavy person, and I’ve never aspired to be the super slim (or “sexy”) woman society the media thinks is ideal. I’m all for being happy with the skin you’re in. But I wasn’t happy with the skin I was in coz I would never fit in the pretty dresses in the department store. And I wanted those dresses!

So when I noticed that my tummy was bulging out a bit more than usual and that blouses were getting snug, I knew something was up. It’s actually the reason that I thought of weighing myself at the start of 2017. And having sore feet and ankles after walking around a mall was alarming too.

Well I wasn’t going to let this pass. I had to do something about it. So I decided to watch my food intake (read: limiting my calorie intake). At first I would write down everything I consumed, but then I found an app that tracked my food AND calories (Lose It!).

I also tried going to the office gym. I only went twice in January, and it was to just use the elliptical. But in that one month (January 3rd – February 3rd), I’d lost around 6lbs! Diet really is a big factor to getting, and staying, fit!

Then in February I started hitting the gym (Kinetix Lab). I train 3x a week with my personal trainer, and on Thursdays I practice yoga. In June I plan on taking swimming lessons on weekends. Basically I’ll be active every day except Tuesday. Yay!

I hope I don’t burn out or something. But seeing the progress, I’m still quite motivated. Kinetix Lab focuses on strength training so I’ve been lifting mostly (with the weekly circuit). I’m glad it isn’t just cardio and annoying ab exercises. Now I’m not too particular about my weight (though being lighter would be better since I could probably get back into running). My focus now is on getting stronger.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how much I weigh now, I’m at 147.4lbs or 67kg (more if I’ve had a heavy meal, haha). 🙂