Never Gonna Leave This Bed

Last Saturday I slept over at my best friend’s house so I could support her during her aquathlon the following morning. If you’re wondering why I have to sleepover, the answer is pretty simple. When I’m at home (more specifically, in my bed), I refuse to leave it. And because the aquathlon was early in the morning and quite a distance from where I live, the only way I’d be able to go was to go with the BFF.

And you know what greeted me when I returned home? A new queen-sized bed in my bedroom. Yup, my mom decided to replace my twin size bed without telling me first. To be fair though, she told me that she was planning on doing it for the longest time. I just didn’t expect that she’d actually do it without prior notice.

How does she expect me to get out of the house (or even just the bed) now??? Help.


Smartphone for Dummies

Up until recently, my mother’s been using a BlackBerry Curve. And for me, that doesn’t really constitute as a smartphone due to how limited the apps for it are (mind you, it isn’t even running BB10). Then when the Facebook API for BlackBerry was discontinued, it forced users to use the web browser version of Facebook on their BlackBerry devices. Needless to say, my mom started to complain about the UI and how difficult it was to use now. That’s when I decided to buy her a real smartphone.

So last Sunday, my brother and I went to the mall to look for a phone for her. Actually, I went to look for a phone and he accompanied me. I immediately went to the Sony stores since I was planning on getting her a phone that I knew how to use. I’d listed the various dual SIM models but the only one available (at both stores) was the Xperia M5.

While inquiring, I started feeling the a sweat mustache forming on my upper lip. It was so annoying! XD On the way back to the first store (since they had the better deal on the unit) I told my brother about it and he laughed an said that it runs in the family since he’s the same way.

I had such a hard time deciding whether to get her the gold unit or black one. We finally decided on the black one. I also bought a soft jelly case and tempered glass for the screen. My brother initially offered should half for the phone, but I told him to just buy a nice pouch for it.

After giving my mom a crash course, it seems that she’s comfortably able to do the basics. Smartphone for Novices up next!

Working on my backlog…before I turn back into a log.

Hello interwebz! We’re nearing the half-way mark for 2015 and I’ve barely updated this blog. Sorry about that, self. Things have been pretty hectic at work that when I go home I basically turn into a log. I just lie on the bed all day and grow moss.

My relatives from the states (Georgia, Virginia, and Hawaii to be exact) visited last month. My mom had a ton of stuff on the itinerary for them (and us. And us. -_-). So between work and their visit, I was pretty much pooped all the time. But it was really great having them around. 🙂 I’m actually supposed to be uploading pictures from their trip, but I forgot that I also have other albums in my backlog so I’m stalling by updating this. LOL.

The past month has been really expensive. I racked up quite a credit card bill. I have to assess which of those transactions were mine though. Some were for the family (so they don’t count). I have a gut feeling that Uniqlo is the prime suspect. XD I bought so many lounge bottoms (shorts, 3/4, pants) that my closet looks like a Uniqlo extension. LOL. It kinda sucks that a lot of the designs are limited edition and won’t be coming back. So hoard away I do!

That’s enough stalling for now. I’ll try to make better posts (read: not word vomit) in the succeeding weeks. Toodles! 🙂