Never Gonna Leave This Bed

Last Saturday I slept over at my best friend’s house so I could support her during her aquathlon the following morning. If you’re wondering why I have to sleepover, the answer is pretty simple. When I’m at home (more specifically, in my bed), I refuse to leave it. And because the aquathlon was early in the morning and quite a distance from where I live, the only way I’d be able to go was to go with the BFF.

And you know what greeted me when I returned home? A new queen-sized bed in my bedroom. Yup, my mom decided to replace my twin size bed without telling me first. To be fair though, she told me that she was planning on doing it for the longest time. I just didn’t expect that she’d actually do it without prior notice.

How does she expect me to get out of the house (or even just the bed) now??? Help.


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